We are more likely to suffer from the love we are not giving, rather than from the love we are not receiving. Specially in confinement times.

Indeed, we will fall short of everything we are not sharing.

But maybe this is the perfect time to allow another type of Love to blossom, and another quality of  heart to expand.

A more conscious, responsible, and connected Love, the one we share with all living creatures, and nature.

Without having to go anywhere or do anything, we can make peace with the earth and end the suffering we have been responsible for, directly or indirectly.

Think of the orca that has been swimming in circles, all alone, in a pool, for more than 50 years for example, just for our entertainment.

We can send a powerful amount of Love from the comfort of our homes, with our intentions and commitment. 

Veganism, for example, is a beautiful way of living, for it lies on withholding short term gratification and pleasure, for long term well being and harmony.

The steak that I will, indeed, very much enjoy for 5 minutes, in exchange for the whole life of an innocent being.

Without spending more money, but rather by saving some, I can make a difference, and feel more "connected" than ever before in my life.

The Love I give is known and received, somewhere, and never lost.

I also cleanse my body from all the suffering and negative energies coming from the torture and the killing.

I connect with nature and its generosity and try to respect it.

I do not use my money to go to zoos, aquariums or engage in any activity that involves animals entertaining humans.

I vote, with every cell of my body and every penny in my purse, every time I make a loving choice. E.g: not buying any cosmetics or medicine based on animal testing, for the horror that takes place in labs are far beyond what words can describe. 

I can, indeed, do all of this today, without spending more money, quite the opposite in fact.

I wish us to find each other again, sharing even more care and sensitivity.