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A door out of the matrix...

The fine art that leads to the door out of the matrix is a divine balance.

When we do not fight against others and things anymore.

Because we understand that this fight is, in fact, against ourselves.

This is the way out of the extreme polarities.

As for every action, there is a reaction of equal strength.

Even if the cause is "good", the extreme of it calls for a reaction of opposite energy, because this is the way balance works.

Look at some "ecological organizations" that "fight" against the so called "monsters that pollute the earth".

At the end, it is a war on the field of two opposite energies.

When there is no need for resistance, or war.

A simple and gentle focus on light is enough.

Like a pendulum, which finally remains in the center.

We balance the energies of feminine and masculine, good and bad, dark and light, within ourselves.

We stop emitting strong judgmental energies towards our own being and, therefore, towards the entire creation.

Once this "portal" of balance is found within ourselves, we become observers of this reality of polarities, but are no longer affected by it.

It is an ascension from the inside.

And it is made of a little bit of time taken out of the daily routine to adjust our internal messages towards ourselves, and the world, as well as the withdrawal of the investment of energy, in causes that are no longer making sense.