You cannot reach your goals, a hole in your Aura

Even if...

- you pray a lot

- you know how to cleanse your energy 

- you meditate and visualize your goals

- you bring the emotions that go with them

Yet still...

It seems you cannot reach your goals

If this is your case, you may want to have a look at WHO you are sharing your life with, more specifically, life partners.

Everyone who RECEIVES from you a clean energy that they use in the opposite direction, or misused it in general, is creating a hole in your aura and preventing you from moving forward.

If you are the ONLY ONE THRIVING, bringing back home more

- light

- knowledge

- higher vibration

- clean energy

- consciousness

- faith

and more...

Then know you are surrounded by CLIENTS. People who NEED you, and not life partners or friends.

- ask God for the right people

- be true, brave, and fair to yourself

-stop thinking you are LOVED because you are USEFUL

Enjoy Life the right way with the right people