We might be excellent professionals, convinced and good at what we do, but, why keep the hat on when we go back home?

This is one of the many reasons there are conflicts at home.

We all wear different hats, the daughter, mother, father, brother, husband, ...and often we need to remind ourselves that "we cannot be a prophet in our own land", and also, that it is perfectly healthy and ok like this.

If you are a good psychologist, you might want to recommend another person than yourself for your children, or even, no one that you know, or no one at all! But encourage them to go see someone, should they need to. Give them your blessing, support and permission. 

Children want their mother to simply be a mother, make them feel homey, safe and loved.

Husbands do not want their wife to be their therapist or boss, but to respect them and need them.

And we can go on and on...

Part of the wisdom of caring, is to provide what is needed, not what we can give.

Relatives are relatives, one cannot share everything within a household, because we know each other too much, or not enough, or simply not all aspects of each other's personality.

Let it be.


Leave the hat at work and use the wisdom of psychology and coaching to set healthy boundaries