Another focus point...

One of the most difficult things in Life is often to try and "figure things out".

But no one had planned what is happening now.

As a matter of fact, this time period is historical, and unique, for it will, hopefully, change us forever. It has already changed the state of the earth to a healthier one during those few weeks.

So what if the job was actually NOT to figure things out?

What if I can simply acknowledge that I am not sure about what is good for me?

What if constantly trying to figure things out made me stiff, and unable to live the present moment?

Think about it: if I have nothing planned, how can I be disappointed or nervous?

But does it mean not to desire anything?

No. It simply means wishing softly and letting it go.

But letting it go for real.

Accepting, or refusing, things as they come along the way. 

Living day by day.

Hour by hour.

For how many times did God actually save us from our "selves", and from what we thought we wanted?

Is it not possible that HE might be doing it right now as well?.

Maybe the job is to actually leave the real choosing and right planning to Him.

For what is there, truly, at the end, so that they made me think I needed to rush?

This is not a call for passivity.

It is a call for a new focus point.

An invitation to let Him more in