And the answers were there...




See... it is like playing an instrument...

It is always the same Divine Breath, through our different shapes

It makes a different sound, but it remains the same breath

If you play the trumpet, you need to make sure it is clean from the inside 

If you play the guitar, you need to make sure the strings are tuned

If you want to listen to your inner voice, you need to make sure you are as pure as possible

By having bright thoughts about yourself and others

By being YOU all the time.

By being incapable of harming yourself not even a little bit  (not forcing yourself into doing anything you do not like)

By praying

Walking in nature

Eating good food for you

Listening and watching bright things and people

By talking to God a lot 

By waiting for God's answer after you have asked a question

And anything else that you find elevates your vibration 

Then, by being COURAGEOUS enough to listen to this inner voice and DO what it says

Otherwise, it will stop talking to you