April 2020 Shift

2020- 2021 Energy shift

For decades, we have been living our masculine side, very action driven, suppressing, and ignoring, the feminine wisdom.

Now the earth is calling upon the feminine energy of introspection. Balancing the harm, injustice, and hurt, done to our "selves", the planet, and its resources, for thousands of years. 

The outgoing aggressive ego oriented will be kicking and screaming because it is being challenged and expected to shift. 

This shift is perceived by the ego as a death, hence the sensations of panic, anxiety and hopelessness.

What to do:

- Dissociate from the ego and use the words "it" instead of "I" or "me", this will bring clarity as of what is really happening and to whom it is happening

- Remember God has your back

- Trust the process

- Sit in meditation A LOT; this is the way to anchor the feminine energy and listen to it, for the feminine longs to be heard. It has wisdom and clear advices to share with us as far as next steps are concerned and how to achieve them. When you do that, bring all the attention down from the mind to the heart, and breath; let your energy dwell there and listen...calming your mind. Resist the urge to move your body.

- From now on, actions will need to be coming from that inner space of calmness, tranquility and ancient wisdom, and not from that urge, impatience and stress we have been used to.

- The action is shifting from a lot outside to a lot inside and little outside, but that little outside, being extremely focused and efficient, as precise and powerful as an arrow. Think of it as a lion, sleeping and relaxing most of the time, and nevertheless, all mighty when it is time to hunt or protect the herd.

- Understand that not intervening is wisdom and not madness, for the Universe was there before we were created and it is taking care of everything without us, far better than with us. Look at the state of the rivers, seas, and oceans since we just "stopped" for a while.

- Remind yourself of the above everyday and master the art of meditating and quieting your mind.