The mind influences the body, as the body influences the mind.

We all know how we end up breathing when we are stressed, nurture bad thoughts or worry, feel anxiety or fear: our breath is short and quick and remains in the area of our shoulders and heart, but does not go below the diaphragm, to reach the abdomen and stomach.

Our shoulders remain therefore tense and burdened, our digestion complicated and slow and our heart beats, accelerated (also, of course, because we tend to eat fast when we are worried).

Good news is, the opposite is also true: when we become conscious of our breath and change it to slow, loose and abundant, making it reach the lower part of our stomach, without, ever shrinking our shoulders, the mind relaxes immediately and the body functions become more efficient in a question of minutes.

Breathing is living.

So the easiest and fasted way to calm our mind down and reach out to more positive and constructive thoughts, is TO BREATH.

Anywhere you are, whether in the metro, the bus, a conference room, or in the middle of an exam, if you are looking for an answer, an inspiration, a solution, or simply wish to feel more quiet, remember to breath.

For indeed, breathing consciously is literally a bubble of wellbeing in the midst of chaos, whether real or imaginary. It is also free of charge and available at all times.

Wish us all to be nicely grounded and utterly peaceful.