Pick up what attracts you, not what makes you look attractive.

We all heard that it's appealing to be busy, have hobbies, and lots of friends, in order to look cool.

People sometimes even pick up their spouse because of the way he, or she, will make them feel in society.

But this is not sustainable on the long run.

It does not matter if you're picking up fruits, feeding cats in the streets, or studying a PhD somewhere. What matters is the level of passion and energy it takes from you, and the way you own what you do, and who you are.

Not only because everybody loves watching other people enjoy their time, but because it will, actually, make you enjoy your time for real.

People's reaction to whatever it is you do, or choose, should always be a side effect, never the objective. 

Know if you're faking a life, and why you're doing it. Mostly, it will be because you crave attention and love, which is OK.

But, you would be amazed to realize how you can have it all, right now, if you would just be willing to redirect your energy towards yourself and your own interests, and all the amazing skills you can discover, or rediscover.

No matter how it makes you look, as long as it is heartfelt.

Wish you to be healthily, and smartly, carefree.