If you didn't have the opportunity to live your childhood or adolescence fully, you often need to do it as an adult to complete your life experience and build your emotional wisdom and knowledge of yourself. 

When you understand this is what is happening to you, you stop wondering why you seem to not be attracted by the same things your fellow adults are attracted to.

You also know it is a period and it will pass as long as you let your inner child take its space and time to feel and express, without having to play it out in the physical realm, for you know you will regret it if you do.

It can feel like you are living two lives in one for a little while, like if there were a time lapse between the public you and the inner you. 

You know you cannot express it all to the outside world, for people won't understand you, and it's fine, you do not owe anyone an explanation and you do not need to care about that for now. 

One day, you will wake up and find out that both paths have merged into one, and that there is no more difference between what you want and where you are in life.

Having said that, never forget to be a child in your own conscious way!