You are like your hair, or your skin.

It is not because you have thin curly hair, or thick colored straight hair, dry or oily skin, that you know how to take care of it BUT, at least, over the years, you've done the job to know what type of hair or skin you have.

This is the first step: knowledge.

The second step is: wisdom, or how to act according to your type.

Same goes for you, as an individual.

You are not your thoughts or your desires.

So what are you?

Over the years, you must have paid attention to how things affect you:

1/ Do you recharge your energy by being with people or by being alone?

2/ Are you a creative?

3/ What kind of creative are you? Do you act, or think creatively?

4/ Are you a morning person or a night person? 

5/ Are you an indoor or outdoor person?

6/ How do you better figure things out? 

7/ How do you feel when you think sitting on a sofa or moving your body by having a long walk? Are the ideas that come to you different in each case, and if yes, how different?

8/ Do you have a morning routine? If not, do you think you need one?

9/ What kind of activities do you enjoy doing with your friends?

10/ What kind of friends do you like having?

11/ What kind of friends are, actually, good for you to have?

12/ What is balance for you?

13/ Do you know what your name means?

14/ Did you investigate the conditions of your birth? Do you think they might carry clues on what your calling is?

15/ Do you think you have a calling?

16/ Do you know what your gifts are?

17/ Are you aware of what people compliment you about?

18/ How do you feel most of the time?

And so much more...

This is the job. 

Why is it important?

Because otherwise, you are waisting your time, and people's time.

Because you might be open to a knowledge you don't need: if you have straight hair, why study about curly hair?

Have fun!