Coaching & Spirituality?

It is important, and even crucial, to study human dynamics and understand oneself and others if we want to have a healthy marriage, a good job and bright friends.

However, if the knowledge is not rooted, in any way, to God, can it really be considered rooted at all?

Isn't the relationship we have with Above shaping all the other relationships we build on earth?

This is what is often called "alignment" in Coaching. 

When one's Soul, Heart, Mind, Actions, Thoughts, and Sayings are one.

There is so much guidance available on how to glorify Him in our lives.

This knowledge, pared with the worldly one, is light upon light, expansion, brightness and wisdom, for otherwise, we shall be like blinds leading other blinds.

"We will, indeed, meet at a place that is not on the map, and that place exists, here and now, within our hearts".