What's wrong with Comfort Zones?

Nothing...nothing at all.  That's the problem.

We have been created with different cultures and backgrounds.

There are things that Middle Eastern, Africans or Asians, or whoever else, will simply not consider. 

For the content of our comfort zone is what makes us unique.

What is inside of a comfort zone, is outside of another. 

What seems comfort zone to us, is super interesting and exotic to others.

Now that we are obligated not to travel and to stop mingling, it is interesting how getting out of a comfort zone is suddenly not a trend anymore. 

Also, it often makes us become somebody else, somebody we don't need to become.

Preserving our ways, cultures and values is nice, what does it really mean to get out of a comfort zone?

Natural and personal expansion is not based on comparison, it is always based, or at least, should be, on our previous self.

Therefore, it is never about comfort zones, because around the "Self", one stays within the zone but makes it wider, broader, and brighter.

Again, many concepts exist just to make our lives harder and more complicated. 

Simple is good. 

Good is natural.