Change or respect the world...
When one is young, one wants to change the world, make it at one's imagine and beliefs. When one gets a bit older, one wants to respect the world and all that is in it, and the latter feels a lot better
How did I fall out of Grace?
Watch how, during the day, you fall out of Grace.
Remember what you did, where you were and who you talked to. Catch it and try again (Dr. Joe Dispenza)
Sleep tight
You are watched for...
Time to flourish
What if now was the time to flourish? ☺️Feel and imagine, during the rest of February, the person you truly wish to be.❣
Good night everyone.
Strong Artist
The difference between a good artist and a bad one is that the latter did not suffer, he simply remained cute. You are the greatest artist of your life and with the help of God, you are going to make it, and make it beautifully.
Good day everyone
A kiss from the boy next door
May you receive it all while you sleep and clear your mind as easy as a kiss from the boy next door, without you having to move from home. 💙
Good night everyone
Me and Adults
Tell my why I don't seem to be able to live among adults...The Little Prince
And we got so used to magic, that we did not even need to mention it anymore...😎😉😍
Unordinary day everyone
Good morning, may you care a lot and be cared for today😍 Do not harm nature, do not eat animals, do not have negative thoughts
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