Once upon a time an idea pupped into your head...

You liked it and you began to nurture it (consciously or unconsciously)

Be sure that if it came to you, it is because you are able to do it

Let it express itself, while you walk, you take the bus, you eat...

On and on...

Feel if, along with the idea, the ENERGY is there to make it happen

If it is not there, the right time for it to flourish has not come yet

It will stay there, somewhere in the back of your mind, until all is aligned to make it happen

If the energy is there and you do not know the first step to take to materialize it

Ask yourself

DO NOT look for answers outside of you, lose the energy and start to doubt, this is the way things do NOT happen.


Should the idea be conditioned by the participation of specific people in your life, revise it, for all is at your disposal, except people.

Again, ask yourself

And let it go

Depending on your practice, the answer comes within a few minutes, a few hours or a few days (again, if the energy is there)

When you think, always be in movement, even if you are at home, stand up, walk around in your room, or living room

This enables the flow of energy particles to move and realign themselves to draw the picture you need to see

The answer will be FELT, an image will come to your mind, an inner voice, along with a feeling of expansion in your chest (for example)

All inside of you will be sure and aligned, your brain and your heart, peace and joy will spread within you as you take the right decision for you

Often the right decision is also "ecological", in the sense that it will benefit you and others too

Take things one at a time

Begin with the first step you are completely sure about

For God will reveal the next move only after step one has been taken

Do it with confidence

The reason why all steps cannot be revealed at the same time is that the mind should not interfere, for it shall begin to judge and analyze.

Taking the first action without knowing the rest is also a proof of faith and surrender

It is like at school, you cannot open book 2 until you finish book 1

Finally, do not worry about its outcome, about its success in front of the world, Life takes care of soft and natural marketing when you are good at what you do, enjoy it, and release it

May you be blessed