Emotions are at the center of every single human interaction and experience, in any topic, whether in business, or in personal life.

Self-control, or emotion management, is therefore key to successful and constructive reactions.

Emotions are friends, or allies, always telling us how something, or someone, is affecting us.

Thus, it is important to fully feel them, let them sink in, and not act upon them immediately.

Once the intensity of the emotion has lowered, brain functions are back to full capacity and control, and decisions or choices can now be made easily.

If one could wait five days, only five, before acting, one would be safe. One, or two days, depending on the intensity of the emotion, to take in the "shock", another day to start to understand, another one to try and figure things out and INVESTIGATE what the situation is about (reliable sources on the Internet are always at hand and extremely inspiring).  And finally, the last day, or two, to respond, if necessary at all. (5 days until we get acquainted with the emotion, the following times, we will, if this process is done correctly, be quick and assertive). 

Sometimes, one needs to make a point, while other times, one needs to put the right words with the right tone together, and have a peaceful conversation with someone, and some other times, one needs to let go and move on. 

In all cases, knowing what the emotion is all about is salutary wisdom because, if we do not pay attention, our emotions can often be reflecting stories of the past and not the present reality, in which case, our reactions to a specific situation could be spoiled by old conditionings. 

Emotion Management is an art, and if there would be only one area of personal development that could be recommended, it would certainly be this one, for emotions are an irreplaceable and fantastic tool of self-knowledge, that will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about yourself and your beliefs.

Go underneath them, ride their waves, and explore them diligently, for emotions are your amazing compass in this life.