Emotional Manipulation...

If you are getting to know someone, you have every right to ask questions if the other person also wishes to be known by you.

However, what sometimes happens, is that people live so much "in their own head", that they think others should simply SEE them. 

But not everyone will, and not everyone can.

So you have to ask questions.

Specially if you only see each other from time to time, and not on a regular basis, like in a setting of work or studies, for example. 

If the person gets offended, don't fall into the trap of feeling offended because they felt offended, for this is when you will, unconsciously, choose to ignore that you have been denied the right to speak and ask questions at the first place, in other words, that you have been wronged, and now find yourself having to worry about them. 

This is very wrong, and you have to see that it is wrong.

Of course, some questions are out of question, or too fast, too soon, but people can let each other know what is sensitive matter and can also reassure each other in order to build trust and confidence.

Having said that, before all this had to happen, your intuition had probably warned you about that person but sometimes, we like to give people the benefit of the doubt, which is not always a good idea.