Empaths and emotions...


An emotion is an energy, and an energy is always in movement.


This is why when you feel an emotion, the first unconscious impulse, is to move...


Specially because, as an empath, you feel any emotion with great intensity.



- Resist the urge to move

-Ask yourself if it is yours or someone else's (coming from within or without)

- Often, you will see you picked it up

- The energy itself will lead you to its "source" (person, or event) 


If you are a "beginner" in empathic abilities, you might often act as the emotion orders you to, which is a huge deal, for it can lead you astray, and far away from who you really are.


You will have that regret coming back to yourself, wondering why you acted in a specific way.


All of us get affected by the energy around us, and empaths a lot more than average. 


Once you found the source of the emotion, you won't feel the need to act anymore, but you will be able to release the feeling.


Empaths feel unconsciously guilty if they are not playing super hero all the time.


Since they receive data, constantly and with great intensity, from the outside world, they often feel responsible to handle a specific situation.


But they should wait, because...


First, it is intrusive to step into someone else's process without being invited.


Second, because people also have their free will, inner authority & guidance, and own pace.


Third, and most importantly, because it is taking the power away from people to jump in and help them.


Help should be provided only within a WIN WIN frame: when one is asked to help.


It is well known that empaths never long for big events and great crowds, but it can be fun if they try to relax within their empathic gifts, and take these opportunities as a "gentle practice within the field", to make become better, quicker, stronger, and more assertive.