Empowering others while helping

As a friend, family member, or professional, while we want to help, it is important to never take people's power away.

Therefore, help is also about asking open questions, or low profile questions, as we name them, as if we did not know the answer, to lead, softly, our interlocutor to seek the solution by him/herself. 

One set of open "question/answer", must lead to the following one, until a person feels "comfortable" with the vision he/she is beginning to see. 

It is like showing the way to a stranger in the street until he/she tells you: "yes, great! I know where I am now, I can move on from here, thank you". 

No one likes to be told what to do (specially children), but everyone appreciates a respectful conversation and an empowering experience. 

Take good care!