Usually, we react to external stimuli, and when they affect us positively, we look to experience them again and again, understandably.

Whether it is a walk hand in hand with a lover, a sunset, a swim in the sea, or a nice bike ride in the streets of a lively city, we know what we need and what we like.

However, let us not forget that the sensation of any stimulus can simply be recalled, for it never goes away. It is always within.

Also, since the mind cannot make the difference between reality and fiction, we can tap into any feeling we want, anywhere we are, by bringing the magic of the moment back to our memory. Whether the experience was lived once or never, seen in a movie, or read in a book, it does not matter.

Imagination is a very powerful tool that creates wonders and lifts the need to have to control the conditions around us to feel fine. 

Being a good observer of reality brings knowledge, valuable data, and consciousness. 




Having a creative mind can transport us anywhere at anytime, bringing fun, serenity, freedom, lightness, brightness & happiness

into our lives.