A woman can feel when it is the right time with the right person, for all the excess of her yang energy fades away gently when this happens.

Women who have been on their own for a long time, have acquired outstanding survival skills that made them strong and smart and, at the same time, could have prevented them from enjoying their femininity completely.

When the mere thought of a particular person makes a woman feel secure, calm, "wrapped" into a safe and soft vibrational hug, then she probably found a man whose male attributes are deeply rooted.

She will find herself dropping, almost magically, her need for control and her tendency to worry, her excess of aggressiveness, her constant inner demands to perform, her urge to defend herself constantly, and the illusory need to expose herself .

She will find that her mind can finally rest in peace and she will imagine herself, maybe for the first time, wanting to slow down, taking the time to breathe the air and just be a woman.

She will find in her heart all the care and the sweetness she had to put aside and that she still longs to give, because the transfer of her yang energy to another vibrational being is now complete.

She needs to be willing to do so however. For that, she has to notice, within herself, her overly predominant yang side and be ready to release it. 

She has to ask God for a healthy balance in her union and remain alert and in the expectation to see it in the world in order to recognize it. 

For indeed, a woman can miss it if she does not pay attention, for the same type of men will continue to walk their way into her life as long as she remains the "Alfa" and is not conscious of it. 

Men who are in need to be saved or to become someone else's project will surround her and she won't understand why. 

She needs to feel the desire to let go of all the attributes that made her remain single so far.

Balance shall then take place into the world at that moment, after a woman makes such a statement and calls upon Above for help. 

He shall appear, not like the other men used to, so again, consciousness, awareness and sharp attention to signs and details will be necessary to connect. 

For nothing is wrong or right, all is a matter of benevolent balance from Life itself. People, things, nature, inside & outside, above & bellow, all needs to be in balance.