Freedom, Family, Friends & Making Sense...

How can one be free and, at the same time, be there for others?

By not forgetting that, each and everyone of us, has direct access to the Love from Above, 

By trusting that, when you're not around, that Benevolence from Above, is surrounding your loved ones,

By knowing that, when you're not available, the people you love can find their way back to wisdom,

By being lovingly free and happy yourself, you'll teach and inspire through your own example,

By acting when your whole body, soul and heart feel it is right 

By not acting upon what others told you your duty is, or guilt

By being there, in a loving and respectful way, without getting involved in people's emotional state or inner world, 

For wanting to always be there for others is wanting to feel irreplaceable, and wanting to always be the tool for the solution, brings corruption and control into the world on a bigger scale

Also, some people have such a void inside that it is impossible to fill it. Once you lift that responsibility from your shoulders, these same people will find ways to rediscover their power.

For your gift to the world MUST be your authenticity, and your faith must lead to people's empowerment and freedom.