Hard-working people and happiness...

The problem between hard-working people and their own happiness is that they are hard-working even in seeking happiness.

Hard-working is a way of living, and feeling, that does not include the notion of enjoyment.

Now you will say, but I am enjoying working hard!

Yes, but it is the focus that makes the difference.

Hard-working people's minds stare at the result, while their body forgets about the path, the journey, and the people around them.

If you are hard-working, you will find yourself looking at efficiency and almost never at pleasure, sharing in a caring way, or doing things slowly in order to feel more.

You will look at the outcome and try to control it.

You can find great pleasure in working, of course, specially if you have a passion. But when it is out of genuine interest, you will be content every single minute of the way.

When you are only hard-working, you are quick at finishing things, eager to accomplish a greater number of tasks.

Like constantly fleeing from yourself.

Even in the way you walk in the street, the way you go shopping for food, or clothes, it will often be quick.

The danger here lies into not finding the way back to feeling the steps along the journey. Often overlooking your own feelings, or the little things people do to please you, and all the subtle changes around you, even in the air you breath.

But it is easy to change the tendency if you try to be efficient in "being aware".

Since hard-working people have a lot of energy, all is just a matter of shifting the focus. Moving the attention from the outcome, to the journey itself and deciding, that, if the journey is not enjoyable, you can choose to make things differently, or not at all.

You can, at all times, choose what you invest your energy in, and remember that it is not because you can do it, that you must.

Therefore, be careful to not be constantly triggered because you are hard-working and have a lot of energy.

For Life is not only about all the tasks you are able to nail.

Take all that energy back "home", and water lovingly your own happiness with it.

Also, add day dreaming as a compulsory and important aspect in the design of your peacefulness.