You might have recognized one of Mariah Carey's songs in the title, but what is, truly, a hero?

From all the movies and cartoons we all watched, it is always the person that fights against evil, goes against the bad guys and monsters, and, obviously, wins.

As innocent as it might seem, this perception of the hero is actually very dangerous in the way it conditions and frames our perception of the world, of good and bad, people in general, and problems.

The reason is that, what really happens when we fight against something, is that we make that thing we fight against, even stronger.

Whether it is an issue, an idea, a group of people, or simply an aspect of our own personality, or body.

Also, since where the attention goes, is also where the energy flows, we  attract more of the unwanted in our lives by fighting against it.

Look at all the fights in history, in your own life, or with your own self...

The easiest way to go about things is to take our pawns out of a game we do not wish to play, go somewhere else, and actually create what we wish to create without having to whack someone else on the head in the process.

Also, the old paradigm needs a victim, a hangman and a hero, where the victim can never make it without the savor, which is never true.

In the era of insane communication and information we live in now, people know that they can feel empowered and don't accept "second hand" assistance any longer.

So if you really want to be benevolent, teach others how to do it without you!

In the relationships between "parents & children", "teachers & students", "older & younger", "bosses & employees", what should always dwell is a win-win dynamic, for the only river that separates them is "time" and, sometimes, "means".

For don't be fooled, a hero needs a victim to shine, while the truth is that it is always rewarding for a person to pass on her knowledge and wisdom before she dies, as it is fruitful for another person to receive it. 

The new paradigm calls for everyone to feel empowered, so no more lies or false humility.