HSP or Highly Sensitive People

You have a very thin skin, almost transparent

You feel what people feel, just more intensely

This is because you are highly empathetic and compassionate

You "hear" what people think (thoughts are vibrations and you feel the vibration, like a child "gets you" even before he/she fully understands the meaning of the words you say)

When you enter a room, you can feel the energy left from the people who came before you. If it is bad energy, you find yourself affected by it, until you become conscious that it is not yours, and release it by yawning frequently and deeply

When you have to go to an event, you worry about how it is going to affect you

You always "scan" the audience to feel carefully where you are going to sit

In a crowd, you get easily overwhelmed

You cannot do like non HSPs, and feel at ease anywhere (what they do seems super power to you)

You are always ready to help others because it is your design

Therefore, you are also afraid that people might abuse (because it probably already happened)

You always want to appear strong because you think you are responsible for others

You do not ask for help

You "smell" lies and dishonesty (again, because of the change of vibration within the other person, you feel "something" is not at ease)

And when you do, you do not say anything for you dislike conflict and criticism

You never say you are HSP because of fear

Fear of being rejected or seen as "weird"

And much more...

Then you need to,

Accept and LOVE your trait, for it is a beautiful and delicate gift at the service of others

You need to know that your extreme sensitivity heals

For you can feel or put words on other people's emotions even when they are not aware of them

You can also "cleanse" places of the vibration and energy left by others when you learn how to release it once it has entered your body

You need to take a lot of time alone to realign yourself and digest what has happened and process it

You need nature

You need creativity

You need at least one very good friend that knows you are HSP and understands you

This friend, especially if he/she is not HSP, can be a pleasant company and protection when you go out, as for him/her, many things that are difficult for you will be easy for him/her (the opposite is also true)

And there is so much more to say about wonderful HSPs, you are more than welcome to leave me a message ...

And remember, HSPs are extremely strong persons once they understand themselves!

Welcome to this special world