Doesn't it sometimes seem that the contract Life has with me is more generous than the one I have with Life?

And that Life wants to please me more than I allow myself to be pleased?

Let's take a potential, random week, starting on a weekend, for a change, out of an illusory world:

Once upon a time, there was a Friday evening...

My intuition tells me to go to an event where I hardly know anybody, while my best friend, who was supposed to come along, literally cancels on me on the last minute. However, the impulse was so strong and irresistible, that I dressed up and went anyways. After one or two hours of random and uninteresting conversations, I meet a nice man with whom I feel a genuine connection. We talk and share in a pleasant way and I suddenly find myself immersed in an exchange that I secretly wish would never end. But still, I had to go back home at some point, not knowing if I was ever going to see him again but hoping he would look up for me on the event page and contact me...

Saturday morning, nothing special, a part from a nice and warm feeling that woke up with me and that hadn't, actually, left me, since the day before. I was now asking life to be, for once, generous, and bring back that nice human being into my reality. 

The day goes by and some friends propose to go to a classical music concert, free entrance and nice place, easy to access from my home, so I go! Although I am not particularly fond of classical music, but have nothing against it at the same time, I just didn't have anything better planned. After a few minutes, I began to feel taken into another world, particularly because of the violins, they always touched me in a great way. I began to dream... I felt so light and bright and so deeply "found", that I was completely present, and nothing could have taken my attention away from that moment in time. 

At that precise moment, I was so far away from that nice man I had met. I was happy in a different way. 

It was another shade of Love from Life. 

Sunday... The feeling of the concert was so vivid in me. I think I felt relaxed and somehow cared for and I went back to asking Life if that nice man could come back. 

Monday, work day. I decide to go out for lunch on my own and eat in the park. I sit on a bench under a beautiful tree, and instantly start to feel the wind in my hair and the soft sun on my skin. A few bites later, I notice a shy and scared dog on the other side of the road, under a bench, in front of me. He looked so kind and he was so skinny. Little by little, my attention shifted from my lunch to my new, unexpected friend. I took a piece of my meal and put it on the floor, between me and him, for I did not want to scare him. While I was doing that, I was looking at him and talking to him with kindness, for I suddenly felt a spark lighten up in my heart because of him, or better said, thanks to him. 

At that moment, I felt alive again. Not because I gave, not at all, but because I had received so much love, trust and affection in a few minutes. 

The intensity and purity of my new friend's eyes opened a door inside of me and transported me into another reality, and one more time, I felt a different shade of the benevolence of Life and I was humbled. 

Tuesday evening, after work, I followed one of my friends to my very first. free trial, yin yoga class. It is a very soft and slow motion yoga practice where postures are maintained for 4 minutes. There again, I was baffled by how my body would talk to me and show me where it is hurt and how it needs care. I discovered how to find this amazing balance between tension and relaxation and felt grateful to my body to always support me in my endless demands, without complaining, unless it is really too much. 

Another day I witnessed a beautiful sunset, and another, just a walk by myself and I guess I could go on with the story for quite some time, but I suppose you see my point... 

Sometimes I feel I insist on being happy in a very specific way and forever! While Life is telling me:

"Fine, if this is what you want, I can, indeed, make it difficult on you. However, should you let me do, I could amaze you in a million ways. I just ask one thing from you: don't get obsessed with anything or anybody, for all happens within Me, for I am Life, and I am greater than all the gifts I give you. Always remember that. Nothing happens outside of Me. 

Had I just insisted on seeing that nice man again, maybe I would have missed all the other moments. 

By the way, did I tell you he actually found me on the event page and contacted me the day following the event? 

Did I tell you also if all of this is a true story or not? 

I wish you to see how differently you could be happy, how you could reinvent yourself always, for there is, indeed, nothing to be scared of. 

Magic operates all the time for those who believe and scarcity is an illusion.

Did I also tell you that I wrote all of this not to convince you, but to find Magic within me again, for this is a way to do it when we lose it. 

Also, that my first yoga class was actually a hatha yoga one and that, six years later, I was still practicing and became a teacher and that my all times favorite practice is Yin Yoga. 

And all is fiction, invention, stories but all is true,  I promise, and nothing is. 

Take good care.