WHAT you do & WHO you are...

Whatever it is you are wanting to accomplish, you cannot, and must not, compare yourself to others, or try to do what they are doing. Because...

- What makes your activity unique, is YOU

- You have your own way(s)

- If you change them, you change YOU, and therefore, WHAT you want to give

- The packaging of the service is as important as the service itself (sometimes even more)

- If people are successful having a facebook page but you "do not feel like it" or your introverted nature makes it unattractive to you, don't do it!

- Remember success is by the way you feel about something, and maintaining that feeling, not by the way people respond to it

- The signal your offer to the world is your vibration, who you are, if you change that to sell, you loose it

- If you do not want to "open up" or "be cool" because taking pictures of you or making videos is too much exposure for you, then Amen! Do not do it!

How people like our service is not really our business, our only business is to be good at it.

- Enjoy your gift

- Respect your gift

- Do not give it for free

- Do not try to sell it

For something is valuable only if you see it valuable.

And the way you wish to "express "it"", regardless of what it is, needs to reflect who you are.

Keep it simple.

Keep it genuine.

Keep it authentic.