When you think it's a problem and it's not

My favorite psychology teacher is a famous Egyptian psychologist. He used to say that the majority of the problems we encounter in life find their roots in two main causes: wrong information, or lack of information.

Life experience and sessions with people confirmed this to me over and over again.A woman that suffered from lack of sleep, automatically thought it was a problem that she needed to address. She told me she's tried everything and nothing worked. In that case, the problem was precisely to see the lack of sleep AS an issue (wrong information). Our soul needs to talk to us and convey messages for our life and the choices we make. This often needs to happen at night for our brain activity is lessened and the energy around us is quiet, we are therefore, more receptive. So the only thing she needed to do, was to not force herself to sleep (lack of information), but, quite the opposite, get up, make a tea, and listen. She could listen either by simply sitting on her couch doing nothing, meditating, or walking slowly in her apartment. Then, follow an inspired idea or impulse that would come to her.

It could be that she needed to make a search on the Internet about an important topic in her life, listen to a youtube video, or send an email to someone.

In any case, after the message is delivered, one is able to go back to sleep, peacefully. That's all.

So the approach is always to:

- first question the way we see what is happening

- know for sure that everything is a blessing in disguise and find out what it is

- make some research to gather the missing information and understand how we can interpret what is happening to us differently