I watched a cartoon series the other day with my young nephews, where the main girl character chooses to become a nurse and volunteer to go to Europe, during the second world war, to help victims on the field. One of her friends, is depicted as a hero for serving his country with 17 years of age. That main girl character is deeply in love, of course, with another teenager, but, because of duty to the country, honor & dedication to whatever outside cause, they keep on "missing" each other and get acquainted with pain and discouragement at a very young age. 

In an ideal reality, young men around the world would say no to the military and, as a result of these wise decisions in each corner of the planet, no country would be able to go to war with another, and men will have to find ways to sit and talk about their issues instead of killing each other. For there is, indeed, nothing noble in serving a country that doesn't serve you and where people who take selfish decisions, while sitting in the comfort of their office, use your children's youth, strength, power, dedication, passion, time, energy and life to serve their own selfish agenda.

An illusion of nobility and duty to wrong causes, has been served to us through movies, media and cartoons, and it all starts at a very young age.

Not that it is a bad thing to know how to defend oneself or heal others, but helping people make conscious and wise decisions in order to prevent unwanted and useless trouble in their lives is far better and more efficient.

So when your child declares "I want to do this", check where the idea comes from first, investigate and ask him or her. Most of the time, children, as adults by the way, are triggered by sources that are not always good for them and that are deceitful.

Don't teach your children to serve another cause than their own and never allow them to be mislead by others' impressive discourses. 

Teach them how to think for themselves, to have a critical mind and question what they see and hear. Set them free from the selfish illusions that rule the world, for it is not that difficult to shine one's own and true colors...

...And in order to be able to teach them, you'll have to teach yourself how to think freely first.

I wish you to be strong, powerful, unique, daring and free, for nothing new will come out of following others. 

Follow your own inspiration and path and pay very close attention to what your children are influenced by!