There is often a silent stress that comes with the intention of wanting to live life fully and fear of missing out on anything.

But what if living life fully did not mean going on vacation very far, or taking dangerous risks, or jumping out of an airplane, or making a career change again, or feeling butterflies in the stomach?

What if it was the absolute opposite? 

What if "fully" meant "better"? For I cannot live anything fully if I am not ready for it and I go ahead of myself

What if it was being in harmony with nature and its rhythm, for if I serve it, it will serve me

What if it was surrendering to what I came to do and stopping the resistance?

What if it was loving my "zone", without calling it "comfort" so I do not have to worry about getting constantly out of it, and about how to do that...

What if it meant "less" and "soft" and not "more" and "fast"

What if I did not need to be aggressive in trying to get the things I want, because I know they will be flowing at me if they are right for me

What if I knew, for sure, that bliss is following me everywhere I decide to go and that I do not need to look for it outside of myself

What if it meant walking extremely slowly and breathing the air with the full capacity of my lungs?

What if it meant caring less about having, or doing, or about what others think?

What if I realized that, I did not come only to take, but to respect and acknowledge, that animals, trees, seas and oceans are not mine to waste

What if it could also mean to take the same path everyday and notice, every single time, what is different about it.

What if it was remembering that I have all the time in the world, maybe even eternity, to figure things out, because this journey has no ending.

What if, all the magic was inside of that tree leaf, I am looking at right now, and in the way it obeys the wind, and the One that sent the wind to make it dance?

What if all the creativity of the world was inside of my heart and I could change things without moving from my chair?

What if I could walk the earth, making sure I feel grounded, that my legs are like deep roots, connected to a fertile soil, full of every seed ready to blossom for me, and that there is no need to panic, or feel short, ever

What if real change was a soft, almost unnoticed adjustment, of my emotion, my intention, my belief and my attitude, that would lead me towards my everlasting evolution and expansion?

What if that humble inner wave created the big change I want to see in my life?

What if my view of reality, since it is not hurting anyone around me, did not have to be true for the entire world, as long as it suits me?

What if, allowing myself to become everything I want to become, was by simply feeling and holding, a space of certainty and ease for it, inside of me

What if I decided not to believe anything that has ever been written, or said, in the world so far?

What if I wanted to be playful about most of the aspects of my life?

What if I was a blank page today...

What if you could make your own "what ifs"...