Two concepts are often missing in the process of weight loss: Collaboration and Pleasure.

If we treat our body like a "separate" entity that has a proper will power and can, actually, respond to whatever we are asking it to do with undesired answers, we would, immediately, understand the importance of these two concepts.

If our body was a person, we would ask it what it feels like doing.

This is the first step in Collaboration: Communication.

Understandably, if you propose to your body to squeeze it from its energy every single morning at the same time, your nervous system will react by releasing hormones of stress, including adrenaline and cortisol, which rouse the body for emergency action. One of the effects of this arousal is muscle tightening, which makes your body shut down from wanting to collaborate.

If prolonged periods of stress are maintained, this could affect your waste line, for cortisol will make your body crave dense and comfort food like carbs and sweets.

This is also what happens with overly strict diets.

This way of living belongs to the old ages, when we thought that results could be obtained through forcing, commanding and controlling. 

Communicate with your body to make it collaborate with you.

Ask it what it feels like doing, when and how.

Propose activities to it and see how it responds right away: does it resist or open up a space of ease inside?

If it knows and feels that you are going to take it to nice places to do nice things it can enjoy and benefit from, then it will, indeed, collaborate.

Not only will it collaborate, but also look forward to it by releasing hormones of pleasure before the activity.

Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins are famously happy hormones that promote positive feelings like pleasure, joy, and ultimately love.

In terms of weight loss, dopamine is the most important of the four brain chemicals. While all hormones and neurotransmitters are involved in lots of essential processes, like heart rate and digestion, Dopamine proved critical to central nervous system functions such as movement, pleasure, attention, mood, and motivation.

Look at children...

They are usually fit not because they are always in movement, but because they are HAPPY while being in movement. If you ask a child to run around the kitchen table for 15 minutes, he/she won't do it, because it's not fun. Should they try to catch you for example, then it's different.

This is why Collaboration and Pleasure go hand in hand in the process of weight loss.

Activities need to be fun, to make you feel ease and happiness, to bring you more energy and most importantly, you must be looking forward to them, every single time. Activities can also be diverse in content and  time schedule, depending on your personality.

Have fun, like children, weight loss should merely be a secondary effect.

Enjoy and see you in the next article