Not the time to overthink...

Some time periods are not the best to think, analyze, predict and plan, like the one we are living now with the CoronaVirus. Quite the opposite. For some things depend on us and are easy to do, like taking care of our lower chakras, our connection to our real needs, to the earth, and to simple things.

Many voices rise up to prophesy how this situation is going to change us, in the way we think, feel, work, and live.

Truth is, we do not know.

We do not know, for we did not bring it. We did not even see it coming. 

We can therefore maybe try to surrender and wait for further instructions from above.

Maybe there will be no "global" or "general" instructions, but rather, intimate, very personal ones, according to each one's life path, story and needs.

This might be a great second chance.

A unique opportunity to SEE what we are lacking, for there are no more distractions, and make sure to change, this time, for good. 

Like if we were sitting in front of a giant, silent mirror.

A mirror that forces a deep look inside, and not a "thinking globally" reactive attitude.

For questions will arise, we relate to our children, and the time we dedicate to them, the way we educate them and the respect we show them. How we treat nature, animals, and resources.

The way we relate to our own Self, and to the dignity, respect and elevation it deserves. 

As in the movies where the main character lives the same day, over and over again, until he/she understands how to do it best. 

Connecting to the lower chakras is giving a break to the brain and mind, moving the energy down to the heart and maintaining it there.

Also, connecting to the chakras that are further down, the root chakras, the ones that are linked to the ground, the earth and nature. We do this by practicing sports, jogging and fast walking are the easiest these days and most responsible activities too. We can also take more time to cook, eat slowly and enjoy our homes, keeping them tidy, clean, and fresh. 

It is such a relief to give up the illusion of control and a blessing to pass on the command to the wisest above.

"Blessed are those who believe without seeing"; John, 20, 29-The Bible