Inside balance between masculine & feminine energies...

Everything depends on a subtle and genius balance between energies.

A body is healthy when the balance between negative and positive is maintained, not when only positive energy can be found.

A woman that has been deprived from the presence of healthy masculine in her life for a long time, whether in the shape of a strong and caring father, brother, cousin, close friend, or husband, needs to automatically compensate for that loss, tending, a little bit more than others, to masculine in her inside.This often shows by women being overly mental, disconnected from their heart and body, impulsive, worried, or believing they need to protect themselves from the world in general. They tend to want to understand things more than they long to live them. They also feel overly responsible for others, act as eternal teachers to the people around them, and have a hard time relating to others through simplicity. They don't seem to be able to be present, live the moment, and move away easily to the noise inside their minds.They do not feel strong roots connecting them to the earth but, for they need to pretend they do, they appear strong while the struggle becomes greater on the inside.

This results in them coming back home feeling drained. They tend to be either overly confident, or overly suspicious of the people around them, not realizing their deep need to trust and rely on others.

A woman can easily reverse this tendency by herself. Like Neo in Matrix, she can intentionally choose to watch movies that offer this caring, courageous, strong and genuine masculine figure. Over and over again.

This will, like it did to Neo, change the reality of that "masculine" in her unconscious mind and therefore, the belief that she has to compensate for a lack.

For indeed, the mind does not know the difference between what is lived and what is thought.

Should she need some inspiration in implementing that practice, knowing what movies to choose, how to watch them and when, my door is always open.

Being relaxed as a strong, smart, intelligent, but also vulnerable and feminine woman is, not only possible and simple, but a true relief. 

I hope you find, and open, that beautiful gift box that is waiting for you, and enjoy it.