When negative feelings hunt me...

"If you could get terrified in 30 seconds, you should also be able to get over it in 30 seconds" ; Dr. Richard Bandler (NLP Master Training Course)

Why is that not the case?

How to get over it?

Once upon a time, something happened to you, or...

Once upon a time, someone did something to you...

In both cases, the event is now registered in your unconscious mind

It keeps coming back, over and over again, along with different kinds of negative feelings, like a movie

These negative feelings are energy

Any energy cannot disappear, it can only be transformed

Stop giving them a specific name (fear, guilt, etc..), this puts more emphasis on them

Just feel the huge amount of energy available in you

If you can, sit with yourself and cry all that energy out

All of it, make sure you do not retain it (or keep yourself busy in order not to feel it, this is not being strong)

This energy has now been transformed into tears, like clouds become rain.

There is also another possibility that requires a bit more strength

Take all that energy, (as if you wish you could go on the top of a mountain and scream your anger or frustration...)...

...and with all your power, focus it on a dream you have, a situation you visualize

It is like having a garden hose

You can water some plants and choose to ignore others, the important thing is that the liquid comes out with the same power from the hose

Just redirect it

Anything you focus on will grow

Same with feelings

It does not matter whether you "feel" they are good or bad (as you can put cold or tempered water in the hose)

Do not judge them, USE them

For your higher purpose

Something important to you

When the issue has to do with love or rejection remember that it is an ego game

Laugh about your higher and perfect vision of yourself

Remember it happens to you as it does to all of us

Take it easy 

You could not possibly go through life on earth and get to death without a love issue

Do this every day, enough time until the whole garden has been nurtured

You will feel it

The unconscious mind will be at ease, not sending you any signals anymore

No long therapy digging into what is wrong with you

There is nothing wrong with you

Remember the person you were before the event