There are so many "New Age" practices around the world that one could get tempted and confused.

Whether you practice Yoga, the law of attraction, or you believe everything is within you, be careful not to grow a sense of self sufficiency and independence so strong, that you think you do not need God or even worse, that you are God.

Don't throw Him out of your life, for it is not only dangerous, but self deceiving.

HE wants to have a relationship with you, where you talk to Him, listen to Him, cry to Him and get angry and frustrated with Him. Where you tell Him about your worries, fears, dreams, EVERYTHING-

The path without Him could seem, at the beginning, empowering, exciting, full of great connections and powerful practices, but it is, indeed, a dry path, where all depends, in the end, on one's limited capacities.

When you use the law of attraction for example, you need to be able to bring the feelings that go with your vision to make it "work" . But what if you can't?

In some areas of your life, it will be easy for you to believe, while in others, it will be more difficult to make it sound convincing to yourself.

Indeed, how would a person that has always been poor, extract the feeling of abundance from within? Or a person that has never experienced love attract the emotion of care?

Would these people be condemned to never succeed in having those things while living on earth?

Only if they need to rely on their own skills.

Those who know that God doesn't require you to do that, have it slightly different: they can acknowledge their limitations and leave it to Him.

For whatever you practice, it is, of course, good to have positive thoughts, to be aware of your breath and stretch your body to release tension and blockages, but do not use these practices as a means to find other options than God.

For however powerful or in control people make you believe you are, or can be, you still didn't create the universe and were not present when the earth came to birth with its magnificent features.

What is the problem in recognizing that?

Also, these practices don't necessarily ask you to become a better human being, to be pure in your body, thoughts and desires, to be genuine and warm hearted, and fresh and innocent like a child.

As you are not your thoughts, you are also not your desires. Should you let them rule over you, you will struggle unnecessarily.

You will be obsessed by self development and the law of attraction.

You can exchange His love and endless benevolence against power if you wish, but careful with the price to pay and the illusion that comes with that.

Wish you lots of Sincere Free Grace & Benevolence from HIM.