Predictions are based on the information one has for today, they are means of saying to someone: "if you go on with the same vibration, beliefs, and therefore behavior, this is what will happen". 

This is precisely why nothing is ever written in stone, for if you change today, you create a new tomorrow.

Prophecies are meant to be transcended, they are friendly and benevolent warnings for us to pay attention and act accordingly.

We have been warned by all the divine books, whatever your religion is, that spiritual misguidance will, indeed, have many followers and mislead many people.

Be aware and informed about some of the so called "New Age Practices", like gate openings through reiki signs, connection with spiritual guides, meditation to manifest worldly goods, tarot readings, conversation with dead people, and so much more. 

Some of us might be walking this path because of the cold, strict, demanding and disempowering religious concepts that have been imposed on us, and this is understandable.

Since ancient civilizations, we still need and want to connect, communicate and invite the "Divine" into our lives. We need to know someone hears us and answers us.

Caution is, however, advisable with these New Age practices, for one does not know which gates one opens and who we are inviting in.

It is good to live a conscious life, knowing that we attract what we are and what we think about, and it is something else to walk too far away on the other side of the fence and get lost in a world far from God.

Just be careful and wise, and investigate! 

Many people come to me wanting to master those practices.

Many also get isolated, obsessed, and lose their inner peace and sense of belonging for wanting to explore the unseen a bit too much.

It is nice to work on oneself to be a kind, empathetic, bright and positive person and let Life bring to us whatever corresponds to our vibration, and it is very different to meditate 3 hours daily to manifest a wealthy lover or a new house.

You can probably succeed in doing so, for the law of attraction is like the law of gravity, it works. 

However, you do not need to be a good person to manifest worldly wealth.

Also, our amazingly strong mind will become bulimic of more power, endlessly.

Once on this path, one can start forgetting about being grateful, about praying and remembering the Creator, (if you ever believed in Him),

We might also think that we are superior to others (even if we do not say so, or feel so consciously)

We will think God love us more because we can manifest "things".

Just remember that Divine Love, and this is the beauty of it, is not proportional to our intelligence or power, it simply IS.

There are many testimonies on the Internet on how people got mislead by New Age Practices, watch some and see for yourself.

Again, conscious living, high and bright vibration, positive thinking and powerful will, are all very necessary and recommendable tools to have and master in life, but some other practices will bring more darkness and misery into our path. 

Sometimes, when one needs something to be able to move on, or overcome a situation, help will come to us naturally if we believe.

Many testimonies of people seeing their loved ones who have passed away in dreams, or in other ways, can also be traced, because we are all connected, but provoking these encounters and paying for them is different.

Be wise and stay empowered, always.

Use your own wisdom, and should you need respectful assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to a psychologist that also knows about the world of spirituality, religious beliefs, energy healing and empathetic counseling.