No need to provoke life

One cannot provoke expansion...

At school, one learns many things that one does not necessarily use, or need to use, later on in life. 

Same goes with all the information found on the Internet, specially when it comes to self-development.

There is an amazing fan of powerful and inspiring stories, theories, methods and advices, but how to know which ones are for us?

Simply by listening and then FORGETTING.

Many people live experiences that call for their own expansion and enlightenment. Then, they naturally want to share those experiences so that others can benefit; which is noble and kind, but at this stage, most of us only receive a set of words, not the fruits of the experience itself.

After listening to someone narrate a story about a miraculous recovery, or the manifestation of money, a job or a relationship, we find ourselves wanting to ELICIT and force an expansion into our own life. 

So we go to the workshops these people organize, where a set of situations are meant to resemble the ones that caused their growth, so they can help us unlock our own potential by "role-playing". Which again, is great and well intentioned. 

But it is not the same...

For we cannot provoke Life.

It is Life that provokes us.

So what to do with all that info? 

Nothing, listen and FORGET.

Then, one day, if Life wants you to expand, it will call upon the situation that will force you to focus, and remember that "thing" you once saw in a movie, or heard in a YouTube video, or read in a book. 

In a workshop, it will never be the same for it is the URGENCY of Life that makes us grow, not necessarily when one decides one wants to grow.

The cherry on the cake is that our own life is made of experiences that we overcame and that are going to become the theory someone else needs to put in practice. 

How will we know?

Same way. Life will put on our path the people who need to hear our story, and while we narrate it, we will not know how useful it is, until the person in front of us shows her gratitude.

I talk about this because there is a stress linked to wanting to go ahead of ourselves because we listened to inspiring stories on YouTube.

The danger is, often, that we do not even know how advanced we are, according to our own life experience and previous Self.

Also, many people are very knowledgeable but are no where to be found on the Internet, because they are too busy being great and happy. 

I guess the message here is, if you are one of those people who can't wait to move on, to become greater or to grow, because you feel your life is too tiny for you right now, relax. 

You can't run faster than your own shadow and the tree cannot release a fruit that is not completely ripe yet. 

A part of this theory that you have received during your life will be applied in due time, when it is good for you, and when you can.

Do not worry, Life will not miss you or forget you.

So live IT.

Do not try to elicit anything.  

Life will call for you.