We mainly suffer because we have a reference point for what is "normal & should be happening" and what isn't. Also, because we compare ourselves to others.

But what is, indeed, normal, about Life itself?

Is existing and breathing normal & ordinary? Should it be happening under specific circumstances or shapes?

Unfortunately, for most of us, the answer is yes. That is why, when things don't go according to "plan", we must suffer.

If we are not working as before in the present moment, or find ourselves a bit lonely or shaken by a specific situation, it is because of our reference points.

But, there is, indeed, a shy window of fresh air that wants to propose another point of view, if we would just be willing to open it.

So many things are different now and the key to success lies into how well and how fast we can embrace the "odd".

But what is the odd?

It will depend on each person and it is to be found from within.

The main rule to succeed the exam: to let go off anything we thought of "normal" and "necessary". Just for now.

Think about it as a vacation to an unknown territory, like an adventure.

Life, indeed, doesn't owe us anything.

We just get used to things.

If you can, calm the ego that got identified with the part of you that was playing a role, and accept a new one. For now.

I wish to all of us peace of mind and acceptance, but not a vain kind of acceptance, an exciting kind of acceptance, the one that looks forward to pretty much ANYTHING that could come one's way.