Many people work on the "plot" of how to "get" things, like a wife or a husband, but there are, indeed, no opportunities that can be missed if one is not ready anyways. 

The job is to cleanse the path for opportunities to come by removing the "old luggages" from it, and be able to stand on one's own feet in order to enter a relationship with something to give. 

This is only fair, and if perfection is never required, responsibility is. 

Same goes with finding a good and rewarding job, or a nice house, there are specific requirements one needs to fill in for that as well. 

Anyone with a bit of social skills can "get" the wife or the husband, but keeping them is another story and it all depends on one's intentions when entering the relationship. 

If we expect someone else to figure things out for us, then we're trying to eat the fruit before it is ripe and the other person will not trust us. 

Let's try and enter any kind of relationship with a sense of dignity and self worth, willing to give and not only receive, for the new paradigm calls for a healthy independence. 

There are no heros or victims any longer, and each and every one of us has access to Divine help and guidance. 

Sure, we are also here for each other, but we perfectly know when it is time for us to actually do the job. 

Wishing you wise and peaceful choices, for you deserve someone with good and pure intentions. No one needs to come and simply take for free what you have been sowing for such a long time, and often, on your own.