The ego is the part of us that relates to the world. In order to relate to it, it needs to identify us as separated from the whole. It needs to define our mission, or role in life, sometimes our power, or even authority over others. That is often the part of us that wants to shine and have a meaningful role. 

This part of us is necessary and enables us to thrive and challenge ourselves and each other. 

However, if our Life Calling is to be searched for from the stand point of the ego, outside of us, not only will it be unlikely to be found, but it will not be pure. 

The Calling finds us, not the other way round. 

This is why we might be finding ourselves in a season of difficult and long wait, for our intentions need to be sanctified. 

Indeed, the calling comes from the depth of the Spirit, like an evidence, and cannot be controlled by the ego, and therefore, not communicated to it, or through it, either. 

When we surrender to the part of ourselves that knows the how, when and what, underneath the noise of the ego, we will remember to have faith and confidence in the process, which will make it way easier. 

The more we remain unshaken by the apparent lack of guidance and clear signs, for indeed, it is, only apparent, the more the wiser part of us will be able to speak and show us the way. 

The Soul knows the path, so when the ego kicks and screams, it is only time to remind it to relax, for it is doing an amazing job most of the time, but this part is not for it to take care of.

Our Calling will come to us when we dwell in the certainty that the deeper part of us, that God, is well acquainted with our desires, talents, skills and longings and that the reply will find us soon, according to our hearts. 

The way to easily connect with the deeper part of us, is to disconnect with the Servant, or, in other words, the Mind. 

We do this by simply dwelling in the heart, downloading the energy, attention and focus there. 

For the things that have already been figured out and need to be done, like buying and cooking food, driving, going to work, and making wordly decisions, we need the mind. 

However, the ego needs to stay out of the way of any spiritual topic.

Wishing you peace of mind during what must have been,  and in many cases, still is, for many of us, a prolonged period of loneliness and wait, for the relief is on its way.