Sometimes, the best way to get rid of PTSD, OCD, Panic Attack, or anything else, is, precisely, not to try to get rid of it. 

If you can wake up in the morning and recognize that you are having a hard time breathing, that your mind is going wild because it does not know what will happen, and feels it is losing control, and that you are alone at home, then, you know there is another part of you, the one that can watch all this happen, that is not affected by it. 

It is the ego that is caught up in a circle but not all parts of you. 

How is this relevant and helpful? 

Because this means you can take care of you. 

The observer in you can decide to hold your ground firmly, breath and witness the ego's changes of attitude when you watch it without following it. 

If you say to yourself "OK, now " "you" are having a panic attack but it's OK, you will not die from it" and you go on, you will see the ego getting more shy and calm while being observed and analyzed. 

Also, all these impressive name labels should not serve to put you in a box but simply point out what your fears are so they are, actually, your friends. 

Always remember that you are many layers. You are soul, mind, emotional, etheric, and physical body. You have a conscious and an unconscious mind. You are made of a part that can be seen and another, greater part, that is unseen to the 3d eyes. 

You are NEVER caught up by anything, through your entire being. 

There is always a part of you that is untouched and in control. 

Listen to the symptoms so they do not have to hunt you forever. 

Is it too simple to be true? 

Probably, that's why it works. 

It doesn't cost anything to try. 

If you don't succeed the first time, try the second time or third time. 

Catch it before it catches you.