Praying & Asking...

One of the most difficult concept to grasp from a human perspective, is the concept of Free Grace. 

God does not love us, listen to us, guide us, or answer us, BECAUSE we are good, but because HE is benevolent.

It is because of the Grace that we are inspired to think, and ask, for the good things. 

The concept of free grace might be a bit confusing in our current times, where many people talk about the power of visualization, the law of attraction, the magic of co-creation, and much more.

But, there is a certain level of stress involved if one wants to apply these techniques, and this is because one needs to acquire the skills to master them. 

Also, one needs to know what one wants, which is equally demanding sometimes.

In other words, you shall receive IF you can visualize, co-create, and so on.

For certain things, it can be easy, while it might be a lot more complicated for others.

I studied and practiced these techniques and am very acquainted with them. 

While I saw my body heal when doctors said it would not, and many other things, I realized that it worked in the aspects of my life where my faith was already strong. But what about the areas where I am weak, feel fear, doubt, or hurt?

How does one go beyond the limiting beliefs?

How does one know what those limiting beliefs are?

It is a great peace of work.

It sometimes takes a lifetime for one to overcome specific limitations. 

This is why those New Age techniques can be deceiving, precisely because they sometimes work. 

Whatever you call the opposite of God, "it" needs to give you "something" you can hold on to in return for your efforts.

But this is only to keep you trapped. 

But trapped in what?

In many months, sometimes years,  of study on how to get better at getting what you want. 

Attending trainings, buying self-development books, listening to hundreds of YouTube videos on the Secret, the law of attraction, on how to tap into the energy of one's Chakras, and on and on, endlessly. 

That is the price to pay for feeling the illusion of power from time to time.

It will work one or two times to keep you hooked, but it is not meant to give you everything you want.

Can we, at this stage, even acknowledge the madness of having all we want?

One can forget to simply live one's life.

And more than that, one can forget to be a decent, imperfect, spontaneous, loving and warm-hearted human being. 

All is in the exchange of freedom, and it can be exhausting. 

The industry of self - help traps millions of people around the world and makes billions of dollars. People who seek perfection and control and fall into a bottomless well because they have been hurt so deeply that they think they are the ones to be "fixed" and the ones who need to pay a price and repair, endlessly, what was "ugly". People who find, into the arms of the very demanding, yet merciless, world of self-questioning, some sense for what could have failed them. 

Indeed, there will always be something one can cleanse, discover, tap into, practice and master before one could DESERVE love and well being.

Understandably, when the silence is too loud and we feel lonely, these practices give us something to do and keep us busy, for it is hard to rely on a Spirit one cannot see. 

It is also hard to forgive oneself for not knowing better, at a certain moment in one's life, so one tries to compensate this lack of knowledge and make sure that it won't cause our fall again. And digging brings more digging and it is never enough...

One must, however, resist the temptation and get out of the illusion. 

Being a strong, positive, educated, brave and bold person is demanded, of course, but careful with disconnection from Source.

God's Grace is not subject to any conditions.

It is not proportional to our ability to know or act. 

It is simply THERE.

What if, while I pray, I actually don't need to fully believe in the object of my prayer, but in the One that shall answer it?

"Pray as if you already have it".

Not because you can, you see, and you know, but because HE does.

Doesn't this lift the pressure and the tension?

Remember, we, as humans, don't grasp the entire mystery, and it's ok.

But we cannot apply our understanding and knowledge to God's ways. 

They simply work differently. 

We live in a world where to get somewhere, or something, yes, one should be competent, which is fair enough. 

But this is not the case with GOD. 

HE wants to have a relationship with you, think about it, and don't give Him your back.

Wish you lots of ease, love, and smooth processes.