"Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid." Albert Einstein

Many of us heard that famous quote, but still believe we have a problem.

The fact is, not only we do not have an issue, but, if we think we procrastinate, it is PRECISELY because we are sane and healthy.

There are only the things we want, and can do, and the others.

Things that are easier for us to do, while they seem like superpowers to others.

Also, it is not only pleasant to be attracted by the things we can and want to do, but it is also a RESPONSIBILITY and a sign of HUMILITY to do it this way.

For when you want to change, you lose "that", that precisely makes you unique to others and therefore, useful to them.

Also, if you try to do what you are not supposed to, you will, in fact, be occupying someone else's spot, while someone else will be occupying yours...and this... would really be a pitty. No one can represent you better than yourself, and no one can do your job better than you.

The fact that you did not completely discover those things yet, does not make you inappropriate.

Often, it is not procrastination, but simply the wrong path, wrong timing, wrong way to go about it or the wrong people to do it with!

Remember that we have been taught to doubt ourselves, not the way society wants us to do things and when it wants us to do them. 

Why should we, for example, know what we want to study at 18 years old? Why should everybody be good at maths, or languages at the same time, in order to pass exams?

Take the example of a child that likes green beans and spinach, but not brussels sprouts (or maybe, not yet). Why should the child eat them? Parents forcing the child to eat them will result in the child resisting meal times now, which is the beginning of what people like to call procrastination.

It starts with the little things and spreads to the bigger ones.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as procrastination, ever.

Also, remember that the labels introduced by psychology lately did not exist 50 years ago. Often, language and words act like hindering concepts that add obstacles into your path, while, truly, you do not need them at all. (This is why NLP, Neuro LINGUISTIC Programming, emerged, and stresses the importance of being aware of the way we talk to ourselves and the level of kindness we use to qualify our behavior)

So simply imagine a world without that word. That's it.

The market of thoughts is like the market of food, you can choose whatever you wish to eat...

Also, the definition of procrastination itself can be adjusted to: "not necessarily ready, or wanting to obey someone or follow a process, for I am my own boss and I can do things my way. I only follow processes in absolute consciousness and freedom, when I am convinced and want to".

Only stronger energies than yours made you believe that the price to pay for achievement is hardship and sacrifice, every single time.  

All of this, while you were a happy fish, busy swimming in the sea, until someone came with a dreadful challenge.

Now, not only you do not have a gold medal for being the amazing swimmer that you are, but you think you are depressed, have low self-esteem and lack of confidence!

No, no, no.

Why don't you question, not always, but at least from time to time, what is being asked from you?

When you like something, everything you do about it feels like thriving, and not like pushing, which is completely different! 

You do not give up because it is demanding, you go on because you are convinced. 

It is, truly, extremely simple. 

We are complex beings, but not always.

So let's talk together about that idea of "procrastination" and hammer it on the head once and for all.

- First, do not ever compare yourself to others! In nature, this does not happen. Again, if you google the painting linked to Einstein's quote, you will see different animals going to school together. A monkey will see the ability of swimming of a fish, like a great talent to have, and a fish will see the ability to climb a tree, likewise. The idea here is not to exchange talents, but rather, to recognize one's own.

- Remember you have a REASON for not wanting to do something, even if the mind does not fully understand it, for it does not get the full picture of things at all times. I call it "my inner sage". I think all of us have a sage inside of us, sitting in meditation pose, and that acts like a compass in our lives. It is also called intuition. So you can give yourself (and others), the benefit of the doubt and actually believe that, really, if you do not want to do something, it is not always because you are lazy but, quite the opposite. 

- Also, trust that life is wiser than you and that sometimes, it might be the right thing to do for you but not the right time. For when the right time comes, you will not be reading those lines and you will have such a drive to accomplish things, that you will not care about others' opinion. 

- Shut social media, this will really help

- Disconnect a little from the "collective" by planning some alone time in silence, and erase everything you think you know about yourself...(because it is mixed with others' expectations about you)

- And remember...What were you always sure you wanted to be? Should you not HAVE TO work, what would you do? What is it, that is a constant in your life? That you do whether you are high or low? With or without company? Happy or sad? What is it that is so natural in you that you do not see it as a possible career?

- Precisely "this" is your superpower. You are ready to travel for it, invest money and time in it, you do not see that putting your energy in it, instead of going out with your friends, is missing out on something, because you like it.

- Remember that, what you see as insignificant in you, is exactly what others need from you and what they most like about you

- Ask yourself what you often get complimented for

Again, this is not being lazy, or having poor ambition, it is quite the opposite, it is having the nobility to not make yourself suffer for nothing and delegate to others what others do best, while you keep your talents safe and sound.

There is also a deep wisdom and pure intention behind the simple recognition and acceptance of the statement: "I do not feel like doing this", like children do. 

This acceptance comes with an ease of wanting to be peaceful instead of always knowledgeable. 

Of giving up, a little bit, the questioning of each and every single choice or move we make, or don't make. 

I wish you a peaceful and easy life