Sometimes, trying to pursue dreams at all costs can make us feel miserable.

And why would that be?

Because a dream is a big thing, and we need to make sure we find out what it is, otherwise we can be on the path of the "wrong big thing", which would be a disaster and a waste of time!

It also implies that, since dreams are big, and we only have one life, we can only fulfill one dream.

First, I deeply believe life is everlasting. Can I prove this scientifically? Absolutely not! But the faith inside my heart is, not only enough, but worth a million proofs.

Second, if one lives surrendering to the moments of little alignments, guided by intuition, that says clearly and entirely "yes!" to things and "no!" to others, one would always feel whole, with no need to figure out about dreams.

For it also requires courage and empathy to maintain traditions for example, taking care of one's parents, petting a cat and talk to it in the middle of the street, in front of everybody, and so much more aligned moments that make life magical.

Knowing and living according to one's talents is a responsibility of course, but this does not count, for this is not even a dream, but an evidence.

Dreams are great when brought back to THIS moment.

What is my dream for this instant, and for the next one, and the next one...

Suddenly... there is no stress to fail or miss out, no pressure to know, and no moment that flees, always, one after the other, while we wait for the big dream to happen.