The Law of NO Attraction...

Your ideas are NOT silly.

The truth is that part of the game on earth is to make you fall in a way that you eventually do not get back up and stay at a level of eternal "survival". No conspiracy or offense against you in particular, just some spices to make it all more worthy. 

The bad AND good news is that part of the setting is INSIDE of you. The voice of your inner judge, satan, your inner child, or as you wish to call it, is similar to your own voice.

See how easy? It is NOT you, it only has your voice. 

It might say that you are childish, a dreamer, a humanist, an idealistic...which...you probably are, and?

Done. No therapy for a 100 years, take all your energy back and just practice.

You just need to enjoy the "absence of useless inner dialogue recipe " for 21 days in a row and you'll win. 

21 days is the time your unconscious mind needs to get used to a new idea or information.

In this case, the new information is that YOU are the boss.

After that, you will have it more or less under control, you will just need to refresh it from time to time.

Starting...counting, 21, 20...