Small mistakes prevent us from big ones...

A small mistake is a friend, that shows us how to do better "next time", but there are some requisites that apply in order to, not only see the mistake, but also, be willing to "repair it", and learn from it. 

I want to talk about a condition here that might sound surprising for many, and that is: "to not be afraid". 

Afraid of what? Afraid of being hurt.

Fear is a wall that prevents us from wanting, seeking, and accepting the help of others, their friendship, kindness, and also their caring advices and concern.

It often puts the beholder of it, in an illusory position of superiority that has nothing to do with arrogance or ignorance, but with "the only next tool" available on the emotional scale, right after "hurt", and that is "self-preservation".

We tend, when in this position, to walk with a high chin, far away from the chest (the emotional zone), and preach others because it is the only way to fill in a void.

We also show above average strength and courage, in an attempt to prove to the outside world, that we are in control, and that there is no need to even come close to the area of pain. 

All of the above is understandable, but deceiving to ourselves, and counterproductive to our growth and happiness.

In order to learn from our mistakes, it is important to accept, just a little bit, slowly, and with the right people, to be vulnerable.

Not only to learn the lessons and become a better person, but also, to access the love and kindness of others.

Have you ever watched videos of stray dogs rescue on YouTube? Like "Hope for Paws" for example?

It is a good way to understand how we operate when we are in pain.

These dogs avoid the very hands that come to assist them because they forgot how salutary the help can be. They need to slowly remember that, in the right conditions, it is good to be taken care of. Step by step, you see them surrender, and let themselves be saved.

It is the same for us. 

If you feel isolated, maybe it is for reasons that can be traced way back, and that the current conditions only highlight. 

For the walls around the heart don't necessarily build with our conscious consent and awareness.  

Now is the perfect time to stop thinking you are the problem.

To lovingly understand that situations push you to the extreme sometimes, and that's ok.

Relax, deeply, within forgiveness.

Decide that self-sufficiency is not an option for you anymore.

Let others warm your heart again, you will be humbled by the gentleness you will receive.

It is the only way.

Not only to change, but to keep on expanding and blooming.

Also remember that you don't need to figure out how the help will come.

People don't need to know, if you don't want them to, but God will.  

It is enough to acknowledge your needs from within.

Promise that, next time Life sends you a GENUINE, helping, and friendly hand, you will accept it.

And prepare yourself for a new Life you will start to live soon, made of the important, simple and irreplaceable things.