In the movie Alice in Wonderland, there is a scene where she is being pursued by a giant cat...then, she suddenly remembers that she has power...so she stops, turns around, and faces the cat, saying out loud, "I make the path!".

She had realized that she is in HER dream, and therefore, no matter how scary the movie seemed, her rules applied. 

It is the same in our own lives, we can really contribute to the script far more than we think sometimes.

This hit me when I was confronted to a person that thought she had to develop, once more and against her will, a new skill, and that was : going out to events alone, being a woman. As a single person, she thought that this is what she needed to be able to do.

She had already been outside of her comfort zone so many times and had travelled in many countries, and worked, and started over, several times. 

This time, she felt she did not really want to acquire that new skill, for she was tired...she wanted life to finally become easy for her. 

For me, that was exactly it! When enough is enough, it is just a matter of decision and, even more than that, a matter of statement.

One can suddenly realize that, even if one could go further, one does not have to anymore, and this is when the race can stop.

This is when life becomes easier.

When you state: " No, I do not NEED to acquire that new skill, for it is not because I am alone (at the moment), that I need to make it hard on myself.

Things can, and will, COME to me, in millions of other ways that are, in fact, pleasant for me.

Maybe, you like walking in the park, near your house, in the morning, and you meet someone.

Maybe you like studying in a coffeeshop and you become part of a conversation.

Maybe you simply take the bus and help someone find his/her way...

There are lots of maybes that, if one realizes, open up doors inside of us that we thought were closed.

Doors of ease that erase a specific limiting belief.

So, when it does feel like enough, we really do not have to walk that extra mile that looks like walking in the desert, with no shoes, and no watter!

We can just decide, I want to stop here.

So here I stop.

And whatever will be, will be.

But I am, for sure, not acquiring that new skill this time!!!