If I look very far down the line, at where I need to be, what I have to achieve, and who I wish to become, I MUST feel anxious.

For every time the present is not fully lived, something within feels uncomfortable and restless.

There is however, right now, a very little step to be made, the next logical one, and this is where my attention needs to flow and nowhere else.

Right this moment, there is always some good to be done, a friend to write to or call, a happy birthday to wish, some food to buy or cook, some walk or workout to do, some air to breath, some sun to enjoy, some flower to look at, some piece of sky to remember, some cloud to blow, some tree to hug, some stray to feed, some smile to share...

Need I go on?

And one day, looking back at the sum of all these "right now" moments, you find yourself where you needed to be, having done what you needed to do, and become who you needed to become.

Or, even better, none of the above.

You will have lived, and you will be... where you are meant to be.

Simply by making choices, one after the other, day after day, that resonate with you. That are in complete alignment with what you feel and who you are, moment after moment. That is, indeed, the only rule.

Wish you ease, and moments flowing, naturally, one after the other.