Doctor in Transpersonal Psychology and Grief Counseling, Researcher & Author for a better life. Very powerful Intuitive Channeling Sessions & Energy Healing. Lived and travelled in several cities to study and work. Very sensitive and knowledgeable of cultural and religious differences. Naturally extremely empathetic, intuitive and sensitive. Feels others' emotions as her own. Curious & willing to learn constantly. Channeler and Healer, and certified in several other fields of self-development & spirituality, like Yin Yoga & Meditation. This is, however, not the most important. What truly matters are the quests, sufferings and exceptional human experiences of our lives that lead us to pursue, in many different cities and ways, what contributes to shape our Self and Truth.

Sessions in perfect French, Spanish, English, Egyptian Arabic & good German.


We won't apologize for wanting a safe place that feels like positive vibes, warmth & fairytales, to evolve, expand & thrive in it. We need a look of unconditional care & acceptance to know who we truly are