2020-2021 Energy Shift

Many brilliant students simply do not want to talk in class.


Making students feel equal to their teacher in dignity, is, not only normal, but crucial.


For this reason, teachers should not call students out in front of the whole classroom if they happen to "disconnect", but talk to them afterwards privately. 


Respect is the ground where all good things happen: natural questions & participation.


A strange thing happens when one loves one's students and respects them, they become interested and smarter right away.


For it is only when someone loves us that we can see who we are. 


The role of the teacher in class, if she /he, is willing to take it, is therefore, a lot broader than one could think.


It is nice for them to know why they are asked to study something, specially at a young age.


It is also nice to remind and encourage them to renew their intention, and stay focused on their goal.


In languages teaching, it is nice to let them " lead" what they would like to know, it makes it real, and then, grammar comes along, naturally.


It is so frightening to be young, many think they have the right to control you and take the "decision process" away from you.


It is an insanity to ask people to be productive, before being respected and loved.


They should have the right to choose their teachers in an ideal world, actually.


Hold on dearest students, and do not get weak, the path is still quite long... may HE put on your way benevolent and merciful teachers and may you always be guided and protected.


For more references on the truth behind teaching, watch "The Forbidden Education", on YouTube.

Loving teaching...

"Teaching does not put teachers in a position of strength, it puts them in a position of service.


Students are not obliged to learn what we propose, the way we propose it.


If, at a precise moment in time, they cannot concentrate, they should be given the opportunity to just stay in the classroom, respectfully, in a safe space, surrounded by their fellow students...


When the pressure to deliver is taken away from them, eventually, while they are not really paying attention, the seeds of knowledge sink in effortlessly.


They also do not HAVE to participate. Before nature was altered, and the education system manipulated priorities, children and adults learned the natural way, without having to prove their knowledge.


In western countries specially, the accent is put on being "pushy & outgoing", which does not leave much room for empaths, sensitive people, or shy ones, to enjoy learning without being forced under the spotlights.